Through my own life challenges and evolvement, I have learned that with most there is always a solutions, but at first we just don't see it. We don't see the solutions because we get caught up in the drama of the challenge. The worst case scenario or outcome is where we go immediately and therein lies the stress, thoughts, emotions that block one's ability to begin looking for solutions. Once you can let go of the drama and focus on the here and now, instead of the future outcome, the ability to think about what you can do to resolve the challenge and the steps and supports needed to get there usually present themselves. I would like to help you get past the drama and find the solutions for the challenges in your life.


  • Depression, Biopolar, Anxiety
  • Problems with emotion regulations
  • Suicidal thoughts and Self-injuring behaviors
  • Trauma related issues: rape, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, involvement in accidents, natural disasters, military combat
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Life Transitions: young adult becoming independent, divorce, empty nest
  • Grief and Loss
  • Health Problems
  • Identity, Self-esteem
  • Spiritual/Religious concerns
  • Race/Ethnicity concernts
  • Social Workers needing Clinical Supervision