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Resolutions Therapy Testimonials

After 25 plus years of marriage, we realize we had fallen into some unhealthy cycles. Counseling with resolutions helped each of us acknowledge our part in the cycle, and ways to change it for a healthier and happier relationship. Not only did it make our marriage better than ever, it helps with our other relationships to!

At Resolutions I was coached to look at life in fresh ways. I was given a kaleidoscope of self reinforcing thoughts and behaviors that I use everyday to keep my life fresh and fun. I now understand that our mind is like a parachute, best when opened. We did not waste time in my past except to understand the power of living in the present. Living in the moment is a huge gift that we can give ourselves I now understand that and have the tools to accomplish it. Our lives are filled daily with possibilities for learning, living fully, and loving genuinely. Resolutions coached me into seeing those possibilities and behaving in ways that lead me to my own internal happiness.

The therapist’s at resolutions have a unique way of bringing truth and light into a person’s life. The wisdom and compassion they have has made me take a look at myself. They surprised me and my spouse with very thought provoking logic. The therapy sessions helped us both think outside of the box of historical patterns that kept us stuck in unhealthy behaviors. At one session the therapist’s tactics were so clever it took me days to wrap my mind around what he tried to point out to me several times before. This session he succeeded in showing me myself. Our marriage is still intact and getting better every day. May God bless you and your business.

What a great inspiration you have been in my life. What I have learned from you brings tears to my eyes. The gift you share with so many will come back to you someday. I learned to enjoy life on life’s terms. You taught me not to fight it, just live it, breathe it, feel it, love It. I’ve been to other therapists who just listen to you. You make me do the work and that’s what I really love, (and sometimes I hated it, ha-ha) Thank you so much.

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